3 Reasons Why Pressure Washing is Great for Stone Surfaces

A dirty stone surfaces that requires pressure washing

Keeping your residential property’s exterior clean and refreshed is the best way to increase its curb appeal and boost your family’s health. If you have stone surfaces or masonry floors, we recommend you hire the most reliable pressure washing services in Alberta.

Pressure washing is considered highly suitable for removing germs, bacteria, bug guts, food spills, mud, debris viruses, and porous mildew growth from stone surfaces. It can restore your home’s beautiful stone floors into their original, pristine condition.

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So let’s delver deeper to learn the main benefits of pressure washing for stone surfaces.

1. No More Slip and Fall Accidents

Stone surfaces are prone to mold, mildew, and moss growth if not cleaned properly. Several factors such as rain, moisture in the air, and natural stone properties make it easier for organisms to grow within the cavities of stone surfaces. This is where pressure washing comes into play. Unlike concrete and cement, stones are porous and get slippery due to moss and mildew presence. This ultimately increases the risk of slip and fall accidents. With GDI Home Services’ pressure washing services, you can remove stains, marks, wild growth, and scours from stone surface.A man pressure washing a cemented surface

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2. Reveals Potential Damage Signs

Another key reason to utilize pressure washing services for your stone surfaces is that it can reveal potential signs of damage on the floor. When covered with dirt, grime, moss, and mildew, visible signs of damage can be hidden. But after it is pressure washed, you are able to see the damage that may require repairs.

3. Improves Longevity

It is a no brainer that pressure washing can improve the useful life of stone walls and floors. You can also utilize our pressure washing services on stone fountains, stone walkways, and all types of surfaces. Since pressure washing reveals potential damage and keeps mild and moss away from stone surfaces, it prolongs your stone’s life.

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