7 Simple Rules to Help Your Carpet Last Longer

clean carpet area after professional carpet cleaning

Carpets elevate the look of any home and make the room look cohesive. Unfortunately, they also can get dirty quickly and do the opposite.

To make a carpet look and perform its best for a long time, you need to get it deep cleaned every 12 to 18 months. However, there are more ways that you can use to make your carpet last longer than average.

You can follow these simple rules to do it!

Rule #1: Regular Dusting

Dust gathers daily regardless of the season. It falls on the floor and gets stuck in the carpet, eating away at its longevity. You can prevent dust from gathering in the carpet by regularly vacuuming your home and dusting you surfaces. You can also use an air filter that can trap unwanted dust and prevent it from being airborne.

vacuuming the carpetRule #2: Frequent Vacuuming

Most people make the mistake of vacuuming the carpet when the dirt on the carpet becomes visible. However, the carpet starts accumulating dirt long before it becomes visible. Vacuuming the carpet should be done frequently in every household.


Rule #3: Spot Cleaning

Food stains, pet dander, spillage, and more can set in the carpet and cause a stain. Letting it sit will make the stain difficult to clean afterwards. Immediately clean the spot using carpet cleaners that can target stains.

Rule #4: Place Some Area Rugs

Some areas in the house have more foot traffic than the others. To prevent damage in high traffic areas you can place an area or oriental rugs on top of your carpet.  Not only will rugs help make the carpet last longer, it also add a flare of decorative charm to a room.

Rule #5: Upholstery Cleaning

Tackling dust and dirt and preventing it from accummulating on the carpet is the key to a longer-lasting carpet. Durting all surface including your upholstery will cut down on dust tremedously.  Professional upholstery cleaning and carpet cleaning will keep your home clean and smelling fresh while also preventing dust from falling on the carpet.

clean upholstery

Rule #6: Don’t Put Shoes On it

Walking on the carpet with shoes on is a definitive way to ruin it. You’re not only tracking in dirt but also any contaminants that may have caught on to your shoes.

Rule #7: Professional Deep Cleaning

The last and most important rule you need to remember is getting the carpet professionally cleaned at least once a year, more if you pets and small children.

Professional Carpet Cleaning in Calgary

Carpets are difficult to deep clean yourself. To do it effectively, you need high pressure and hot water extraction.

At GDI Home Services, we offer professional carpet and rug cleaning services. Professional rug cleaning in Calgary  can remove up to 94% of household allergens. We remove the allergens and make the carpet look brand new. GDI Home Services is trusted choice for professional house cleaning in Calgary.

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