Ask These 5 Questions Before Hiring an Air Duct Cleaning Service

air ducts in need of professional air duct cleaning service

Only 42% of homeowners get their air ducts cleaned professionally. Given that your furnace and air ducts circulate air throughout your home this number is alarming.  Before you hire an air duct cleaning service, remember to ask these questions.

How Long Has the Service Provider Been in Business?

A company that has been around for a long time in the cleaning business where others constantly come and go is a good indicator. A company with a long track record of professional cleaning services will have skilled technicians to deal with any duct cleaning problem.

Do the Air Ducts Need Cleaning?

Yes, air ducts need cleaning to maintain them and make them last longer. Ask your service provider what signs to look for and when is the right time to get them cleaned. As a general rule, you should have your furnace and air ducts cleaned every 24 to 36 months or more frequently if you have pets.

How Does the Cleaning Service Work?

Learn about their air duct cleaning process before you hire an air duct cleaning service. Do they inspect before they start cleaning? What equipment do they use? Do they use chemicals, and if yes, are they safe?

Knowing how the process works will ensure that the work is done correctly. You should also be informed whenever a professional cleaning service is performed in your home or business.

Does the Entire Air Duct Need to be Cleaned?

According to the NADCA,  your entire system (air vents and your furnace) needs to be cleaned and not just portions.  Watch for companies that advertise great cleaning specials that only include a certain number of vents.   This is deceiving as once you add in the price for all your vents the “special” may end up costing more than some companies regular price.

Before you hire any service, make sure that they put the complete air duct system under negative pressure to clean it.

The company should clean the air ducts and then return them to their rightful place.

Do They Have Proof of Insurance?

A trustable cleaning company will have liability insurance if there is damage to the home or if a technician gets injured. Liability insurance is not a negative indication of inexperience. Instead, it is a positive sign that the company takes time and resources to ensure no damage comes to their clients and technicians.

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