Cleaning a Furnace in 5 Steps

Two floor signs reading “Caution: Cleaning in Progress”

You have a lot to thank your furnace for.

Furnaces provide heated air and water to your home, keeping you in good health throughout the year. As more Canadian households switch to furnaces as their primary heating systems, it’s important to focus on furnace maintenance, too. Leaving your furnace unchecked for a long time can cause it to function inefficiently. It’s easy to avoid this, too. All you have to do is regularly clean your furnace!

Here’s how to do it in a few simple steps without the help of professional furnace cleaners.

Step 1: Turn It Off

The first thing you need to do is turn off all power outlets. You should never clean a furnace while it is still functioning because it can lead to significant problems. Turn the power switch off first. If your furnace is powered by gas, you will need to turn the gas switch off, too.

Step 2: Clean the Outside

Next, you can start by cleaning the outside of the furnace. Although interior cleaning is what matters most, the area outside and around the furnace should be clutter-free, too. This task is fairly simple as all you need is a long-reach duster and/or a vacuum. Your main concern should be getting rid of the dust that naturally builds up around a furnace.

Step 3: Clean the Combustion Chamber

Once the outside it clean, it is time to clean the interior of the furnace. If you have access to the furnace’s combustion chamber, use a duster or brush to clean it. Combustion chambers are the areas where ignition occurs, which is why they’re usually riddled with soot, dust, and corrosion debris. You should clean the combustion chamber at least once a year to limit the impacts of corrosion.

Step 4: Clean the Blower

Furnace blowers are usually located on the side. Remove the respective panels and clean the blower with a brush first. Then, you can use a damp towel with soap on it to scrub the blower. Don’t forget to completely dry the blower with a dry towel afterwards.

Step 5: Change the Filter

There are multiple types of furnace filters that require different cleaning methods. Clean your filter accordingly. If you notice that it’s too worn out to work efficiently, change it and place a new filter in its place. Make sure the filter is dry when you put it in its place.

 A rusty pipe on a blast furnace

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