Common Mistakes to Avoid When Cleaning Your Windows

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Despite being a primary source of your home’s beauty, natural light, and ventilation, windows are the most susceptible to dirt, dust, and debris accumulation. Leaving them unclean for a long period can ultimately affect your home’s indoor air quality. While this increases the need for you to clean your windows frequently, there are many window cleaning mistakes homeowners make to worsen their windows’ condition. Here are three common mistakes to always avoid when cleaning your home’s windows.

Not Removing the Dust First

One thing that many people do to save time and energy is trying to wash away all the dirt directly with water. However, this ultimately maximizes the existing dust and pollen on the windows, making the cleaning job a lot more challenging. This usually happens when you don’t use a dry piece of dusting cloth to remove the dust and dry dirt on the window’s surfaces beforehand. Therefore, remember to always clean the dust with a dry towel or cloth before you move on to cleaning the window with water or a liquid cleaning solution.

Using the Wrong Cleaning Solution

Many homeowners tend to forget how sensitive window glass can be to certain cleaning solutions. As a result, they use any window cleaning solution available on the market without determining whether it’ll protect the window along with cleaning it. When looking for the right window cleaning solution, ensure it has a high amount of water-based content that won’t leave any residue or affect the window’s quality and efficiency.

Washing With Hard Water

Lastly, a mistake that can result in significant window damage is washing it with hard water. Contrary to popular belief, hard water is never suitable for window glass because of all the mineral residue it leaves behind. The ideal water type for window cleaning is distilled water or soft water that won’t damage the glass and will seamlessly clean your windows, saving time and money. plants outside a window If you are looking to hire specialty cleaning services like window cleaning or upholstery cleaning, make sure you get in touch with our trusted cleaners in Calgary, known for their residential window cleaning at GDI Home Services. Assisting Calgary residents with our experience, we offer window cleaning, carpet cleaning, upholstery cleaning, and duct cleaning services in Calgary. If you have any more questions about window cleaning, we will be able to help you out. Check out more of our services here, or contact us to request a quote today!

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