Deep Cleaning vs. Regular House Cleaning: What You’re Actually Missing


People come in contact with 60,000 types of germs every day. Most of these germs are carried with them inside the home as well. They then spread around to cause sickness and further negatively impact our health. Cleaning the home is effective in keeping them away.

However, normal cleaning methods such as dusting are not enough sometimes. There is also a need for deep cleaning to truly clean your home, for which you’ll need residential cleaning services. But what is the difference between regular cleaning and deep cleaning? Let’s take a look!

Regular Cleaning

Regular cleaning is something you can do yourself. It is recommended that you should at least clean once a week, which includes many tasks. Regular cleaning aims to keep your home tidy. It requires less effort and time to complete as well.

There are some basic tasks in standard cleaning that you should be doing:

  • Wiping down surfaces to get rid of dust that gathers on it.
  • Dusting is for more than just tabletops and chairs. Dust your upholstery as well.
  • Tidying up by picking up random items off the floor.
  • Vacuuming the carpet
  • Cleaning and disinfecting surfaces you cook on.
  • Taking out the trash (which you really should be doing daily).

taking the trash out

Deep Cleaning

Deep cleaning is done by professionals and requires going over every part of the house and cleaning it thoroughly. It takes up more time and effort. It should be done twice or thrice a year. Even if you do it yourself, you need to go over all the spaces that gather dirt and dust.

Deep cleaning involves tasks such as:

  • Move the furniture to clean underneath it.
  • Clean the air ducts to improve air quality.
  • Clear door and window frames.
  • Take every individual decoration to remove dirt from it.
  • Pressure wash home exterior and deck.
  • Scrub the bathroom surface thoroughly.

Home after deep cleaning

What to Choose?

Regular cleaning and deep cleaning do not have an apples-to-apples comparison. They are both required, just at different frequencies. Take your deck, for example. You can use an outdoor cleaner on the regular. If you see serious grime, you’ll need to hire a pressure washing cleaning service.

If someone in the house has been sick, deep cleaning after is a good idea. Deep cleaning will kill viruses and bacteria that can make others in the house sick as well. Since they are so microscopic and easily hide in nook and crannies, getting a professional cleaning service will be more beneficial.

Need Professional Deep Cleaning Services?

Do you need to do a deep clean of your home in Calgary, GDI Home Services can help! We offer professional carpet cleaning, area rug cleaning, specialty cleaning, and specialty cleaningresidential pressure washing Calgary. For decades, GDI Home Services has been trusted home cleaning company in Calgary.

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