Managing Upholstery 101: How to Care for Leather Furniture

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A leather couch can last up to twenty-five years, that is, if it is of good quality and maintained correctly. Many people incorporate leather furniture in their interior because of the classic look, the variety of options in styles and colours, and because it fits many aesthetics. However, despite investing in amazing quality leather upholstered furniture, it does not last for some people. That is because they do not care for it correctly. From hiring professional cleaning services to some easy tips that prolong its life, here’s how to care for leather furniture.

Get It Professionally Cleaned

Upholstery needs to be cleaned once or twice a year minimum to keep it looking brand new, which is true for leather upholstery. If there are odours coming from your furniture, it is best to get it cleaned more times than that as well. Odours and tough stains are hard to get out, and scrubbing away at the leather to get rid of them will leave cracks in it.

Buff-Off Scratches

Leather can get minor scratches on the surface. If your leather couch also has scratches, gently buff them away with a chamois cloth or clean fingers. You can moisten the cloth lightly with distilled water for some extra help.

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Clean it Regularly

Like everything else in your home, you must regularly clean leather furniture to prolong its life. However, there are some ways that are better than others:

  • For grease, oil, and butter stains:Clean the with a dry towel and leave it as is. The stain should dissipate into the leather.
  • For minor spills: Wipe away spills using a clean cloth or an absorbent sponge. You can also use lukewarm water over the entire spot of the spill and then let it air dry.
  • For tough stains:Use rubbing alcohol and apply a leather cleaner-conditioner afterward, but it is best to hire a professional upholstery cleaning service.

Use Leather Protector

If your leather couch is brand new, it is best to protect it right off the bat. Use a leather protector but remember to have it professionally applied. It helps prolong the life of the furniture. In addition, keep it free of dust by wiping it with a damp cloth.

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