Pressure Washing 101: Can You Pressure Wash a Brick House?

family in front of their new brick home

With modern homes with dark colour schemes and sharp lines taking over the interior design world, we cannot help but miss the classical brick houses. Luckily, they are still around due to their rich, timeless look. They can also last for over 100 years.

They have their own charm; however, bricks tend to get dirty and make even newly made brick homes look old. What can you do in such a case? Get professional pressure washing services, of course!

Is Pressure Washing Safe for Brick Houses?

Brick houses cannot sustain constant pressure like concrete can. However, it is still safe to pressure wash a brick house. Please note that homes older than 80 years are more likely to experience damage if the pressure is too high. The gas pressure washer has a power of 2000 to 2800 psi, and electric models have a lower psi.

Before you start pressure washing, check the nozzles, their psi, and the accurate angle to clean the brick. It is also best to hire skilled technicians who have years of experience in pressure washing.

Will It Clean without Any Damage to the Brick?

clean brick home after pressure washing service

Pressure washing done correctly will make the bricks spick and span. However, too high of a pressure can damage grout and crack or loosen bricks. This can make the structure susceptible to water intrusion and cause safety issues. That is why unless you have significant pressure washing experience, it is best to call professional pressure washers.

Pressure Washing Tips for Brick Homes

Before you start pressure washing your brick home, let’s take a look at some tips that help.

  • The most important to consider is the psi, especially if it is an older home. Start with 800 psi pressure or lower.
  • Do not hover over a spot, and do not stop when cleaning. Prolonged time on a spot can cause damage to brick by cracking it.
  • Before you clean, patch any damaged mortars. If you go over damaged parts with a pressure washer, it’ll only make it worse.
  • Do not forget to cover and protect outlets, trims, windows, and any other openings.
  • Prepare the brick for cleaning by soaking it. Start from the tops and let the water fall evenly on the surface.
  • The key to cleaning brick surfaces is less pressure and more detergent. But do not forget to choose the correct detergent.

brick home

Get Your Brick Home Pressure Washed Safely

Pressure washing equipment has a high psi that, if used incorrectly, can damage surfaces. If you are looking for pressure washing services in Calgary, GDI Home Services can help! We offer professional carpet cleaning, rug cleaning services, and residential pressure washing.

GDI Home Services has been Calgary’s top choice for professional cleaning services. Our name may have changed, but our commitment to this community and providing quality service is the same!

Contact us today for professional cleaning services.

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