Revitalize Your Brick Home with Pressure Washing

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Brick is a timeless and durable material that can enhances the look of homes and buildings. However, over time, dirt, grime and mildew accumulate making it look old and less appealing. Pressure washing is an effective method to restore the beauty of brick surfaces. Explore the ins and outs of pressure washing brick, learn tips and tricks for effectively cleaning brick, and common mistakes to avoid when pressure washing brick, ensuring a clean and vibrant finish.

The Essentials of Pressure Washing Brick

Brick cleaning is important and more than just an aesthetic choice. Regularly cleaning masonry helps maintain the structural integrity of your brickwork. Dirt, algae, and mold can penetrate the porous surface of bricks, leading to damage over time. Maintaining and regularly washing brick surfaces mitigates these issues, and prolongs the life of your brick.

Is it Safe to Pressure Clean Brick Houses?

When done correctly, pressure cleaning brick is safe when using the right techniques. However, using too high of a pressure can damage the grout and crack or loosen the bricks. Homes older than 80 years are more prone to damage if the pressure is too high. 

Before you start washing brick, it’s crucial to check the nozzles, PSI settings, and the correct angle to clean effectively. Hiring skilled technicians with years of experience in pressure washing brick is often the best approach to avoid potential damage.

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Pressure Washing Basics For Brick

Before you begin pressure washing your brick surface, follow these steps to avoid damaging the surface. 

  1. Preparation: Start by removing any loose dirt and debris from the brick surface. Cover nearby plants and surfaces to protect them from the high-pressure water.

  2. Choosing the Right Equipment: Use a pressure washer with adjustable settings. For brick cleaning, a pressure of 500 to 1000 PSI is generally effective without causing damage.

  3. Selecting the Appropriate Cleaner: Use a detergent specifically designed for brick washing. Avoid harsh chemicals that can erode the brick or mortar.

  4. Technique: Hold the pressure washer nozzle at a 45-degree angle and maintain a consistent distance from the brick surface, usually around 12-18 inches. This helps in cleaning effectively without causing harm.

  5. Rinsing: After applying the detergent and allowing it to sit for a few minutes, rinse thoroughly with clean water. Ensure all the soap is removed to prevent residue.

Tips for effective Brick Cleaning

Test a Small Area First: Before committing to cleaning a large surface, test a small inconspicuous area to ensure the pressure and detergent won’t cause damage to the brick.


Work in Sections: Divide the brick surface into manageable sections to ensure thorough cleaning and prevent the detergent from drying out before rinsing.


Regular Maintenance: Schedule regular brick washing sessions, especially in areas prone to mildew and algae growth, to maintain a clean and fresh appearance.

Common Mistakes to Avoid when cleaning Masonry

Too Much Pressure: Excessive pressure can erode the brick surface and damage the mortar. Stick to the recommended PSI range for safe brick cleaning.

Skipping the Detergent: Water might not effectively remove deep-seated grime and mold. A good brick-washing detergent can make a significant difference.

Overlooking Safety: Always wear protective gear, including gloves and goggles, to shield yourself from debris and cleaning agents when pressure washing brick.

enhance the appeal of your home and extends the lifespan of your brickwork

Pressure washing your exterior brick surfaces is an effective way to rejuvenate your brick surfaces, give them a clean and vibrant look, and extend their lifespan. By following the right techniques and taking appropriate precautions it’s simple to achieve beautiful results. 

Whether you’re a DIY enthusiast or considering hiring a professional, understanding the fundamentals of pressure washing brick will help you make informed decisions and achieve the best possible outcome for your home or building.


For details on professional pressure washing services in Calgary, click here. 

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