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We offer a comprehensive list of furnace and duct cleaning services. Our cleaning packages include an inspection of your furnace and cleaning of all vents – even your hot water tank and dryer vent. There is no need to count your vents and there are no hidden charges.


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Why clean your furnace and ducts?

In Canada, allergies and asthma are common complaints throughout the year. These symptoms are made worse by airborne contaminants. Because your air ducts constantly circulate the air in your home, airborne contaminants also circulate through those ducts. Every home contains dust mites in the tens of thousands. These dust mites are then spread throughout your home through your furnace and duct work and then inhaled.

The air in your home directly contributes to your overall health and well-being. Only regular, professional furnace cleaning can remove these common pollutants and give you and your family relief from constant exposure.

GDI Home Services offers a complete range of furnace and duct cleaning services in Calgary. Our highly skilled technicians use state-of-the-art equipment and will quickly remove contaminants in your furnace system and let you breathe easier.

With no hidden fees, no high-pressure sales strategies, and competitive prices, we are Calgary’s best choice for your furnace and duct cleaning needs.

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