3 Signs Your Furnace and Air Ducts Should Be Cleaned

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One thing that significantly determines the comfort and the overall environment of a home is its indoor air quality. All homes are subject to dust, allergens, debris, outdoor particles, and wear and tear from foot traffic. However, we often forget to pay attention to our furnace and air ducts that regularly need cleaning to help us achieve the healthiest possible indoor atmosphere.

While it may not be evident when your furnace needs cleaning there are several signs that can help you determine when it’s time to have your ducts deep cleaned. If you’re new to duct cleaning, here are three signs you should be looking for.

Excessive Vent Clogging with Dust and Debris

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One sign that instantly clarifies the need for furnace and duct cleaning is the release of a tiny puff of dust as soon as you turn your home’s HVAC system on. Ideally, the only air your HVAC should be releasing is cool or hot air, depending on your temperature settings.  If the air ducts of your furnace are causing your system to let out dust the ducts may have accumulated a large amount of dirt that needs cleaning. This is the biggest sign that dusty air registers need to be wiped off.

Clogged Air Filters

Many homeowners neglect changing the filters of their heating or air conditioning system on a regular basis (once a year as a minimum). While changing your HVAC system’s filters is recommended, if you notice a pattern of air filters needing replacement more frequently, it’s time to take a look at your ducts and have them professionally cleaned.

A Strange Odour from the Air Duct

Another common sign there’s a significant amount of debris in your HVAC system is the presence of a strange odour. It is best to first find the source of the smell, then have your furnace and ducts cleaned and sanitized.  We also recommend having the system deodorized to eliminate any lingering odours.


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