5 Benefits of Having Your Home’s Windows Professionally Cleaned

A professional home cleaner cleaning a window

The global cleaning services market, including residential window cleaning, is now a big business, valued at 55 million USD. Professional window cleaning can make windows brand new. The industry is also booming!  Several cleaning businesses, including window cleaning, have been growing consistently. There has been a 7% growth in  demand for window cleaners as well. This is mainly because of the many benefits professional window cleaning has.


1. Extend the Window’s Life

Stubborn unwanted deposits can stick to the glass of the windows. The dirty glass makes the windows look horrible and makes them susceptible to cracking. Professional window cleaning makes the glass clean and prevents damage. This substantially improves the life of the window.


2. Enhance Home’s Appearance

Clean windows significantly enhance the appearance of the home. They let more natural light in, making the home look light and airy. A clean home exterior also maintains the value of the home. That is why homes should be professionally cleaned. Anyone who looks at your home will have a great first impression, making residential window cleaning service effective in increasing your home’s curb appeal.


3. Eliminates Mould

Windows are exposed to moisture which can result in mould. It appears as dark spots, which some people mistake for grime. Windows are an ideal place for mould to thrive. This can negatively impact your and your family’s health.

Professional cleaning services have skilled technicians equipped with the knowledge, tools, and cleaning methods to eliminate the mould completely. They can even clean the mould present between the glass and casing, an area which many people disregard.


4. Decreases Allergens

allergies triggered due to allergen stuck in the window

8.4 million Canadians have allergies, and the allergens triggering them have a way of getting into homes through many spaces. This includes windows too. Having windows professionally cleaned will decrease allergens.  Symptoms of allergies include headache, runny nose, sore throat, sneezing, and itchy eyes. For those with severe allergies, this can get worse, making it impossible to leave the house during allergy seasons.


5. Reveals Window Problems

Professional window cleaning is not only limited to cleaning the windows. It also reveals any problems that an untrained eye will miss. Skilled technicians look closely at the windows when they clean them and can give you information about the window’s integrity.

Not many people realize how badly these problems can erode the window. This results in large repair bills and time-consuming renovations. Tackling window problems early will save you money and time in the long run.


Residential Window Cleaning in Calgary

GDI Home Services offers professional window cleaning in Calgary. For decades, GDI Home Services has been Calgary’s trusted choice for professional home cleaning services. We offer various professional residential cleaning services Calgary such as carpet and rug cleaning, upholstery cleaning, and pressure washing.

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