5 Signs Your Carpet Needs Cleaning ASAP!

Shoes on carpet making it dirty

Did you know a dirty carpet can hold up to 200,000 bacteria per square inch? With the amount of foot traffic your carpet is exposed to there are some obvious signs that your carpet needs cleaning and some that people do not pay attention to. Let’s take a look!

Sign #1: Visible Dirt or Stains

This is the most obvious sign that your carpet needs cleaning. Dirt and stains can be on a specific spot or can damage the complete carpet. If you see discoloration on the carpet, it’s best to get it cleaned. Even if there are not any visible stains on the main area, you should inspect it to see any hidden signs of things like mould.

puppy on carpet


Sign #2: Pets Have Been on the Carpet

Sometimes it feels like our four-legged best friends can do no wrong. Well, it is not exactly their fault they naturally shed hair. Moreover, if they’ve had an ‘uh-oh’ on the carpet, you’ll need professional carpet cleaning.

Sign #3: Your Carpet Smells

Have a peculiar smell in the home that you cannot find the source for? It can be the carpet. Carpets see a lot of foot traffic. This results in bad odours if the carpet is not cared for properly. An unpleasant odour can also be caused due to the body oils transferred to it when someone lies on it. Wine stains can also leave lingering smells.

 Sign #4: Allergies are Getting Worse

Carpet causing allergies needs residential carpet cleaning
27.3% of Canadians reportedly have allergies. These allergies can be triggered by pollen, dust, pet dander, and more, all things found in carpets. If allergies are acting up inside the home, there is likely dust on your carpet. It can also cause respiratory issues later on.


Sign #5: It Has a Rough Texture

A dirty carpet might not look dirty. You should do a feel test. If the carpet feels rough to the touch and matted down, then it needs to be cleaned. Sometimes you will also feel a host of sand, pet hair, and other particles too. If you do, then the carpet needs cleaning.

Residential Carpet Cleaning Service in Calgary

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