Furnace Not Working? 5 Tips To Get Your Furnace Working Again

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Did your furnace suddenly stop working? A working heating system is essential, especially during the cold winter months we experience living in Canada.


Nearly two-thirds of Canadians rely on natural gas to heat their homes.  If you’re experiencing heat loss in areas of your home or your furnace has suddenly stopped working. Before calling a technician, try these five troubleshooting tips to get your furnace back up and running today. 

1. Test Your Thermostat

Often the reason your furnace isn’t working isn’t the furnace at all, it’s the thermostat.  Ensure the thermostat is on and functioning and set it to the desired temperature and mode (heat or cool). Even wired thermostats often require batteries.  Replace the batteries, and test the thermostat to identify if the thermostat is the reason your furnace is not functioning. 


Person Testing thermostat to fix furnace not working.

2. Check the Breaker

A tripped breaker could be the reason your furnace is not working. Head to your home’s electrical panel and check if the breaker for your furnace is tripped. It will be switched the opposite way of the rest of the breakers. If it has, flip the furnace breaker to the on position.

Check that your circuit breaker hasn't tripped causing your furnace to not work

3. Replace Your Furnace Filter

Your furnace’s filter collects debris, dust, pet hair, and dirt from traveling through your vents and into your home. A clogged and dirty air filter obstructs airflow causing your furnace to be less efficient, overheat, and potentially break down.  Regularly replacing or cleaning your filter is necessary to maintain a working furnace and to prevent issues.

Check your owner’s manual for instructions on how to replace your furnace filter. It is generally recommended that furnace filters are replaced every 1 to 3 months.

If your furnace is not working a clogged up furnace filter could be the reason.

4. Inspect Your Air Ducts

Blocked ducts, just like a clogged filter can restrict the airflow throughout your home, and cause the unit to overheat and malfunction. Inspect the ductwork for obstructions, and improving the airflow may resolve the issue. 

Is your furnace not working? Inspect your ducts for obstructions.

5. Inspect the Safety Switch

Furnaces are equipped with safety switches that detect issues and keep you safe. If your furnace was recently accessed, and the panel was removed. If it was not reinstalled properly this could be the reason your furnace is not working. Ensure the door is positioned correctly and the safety switch is activated and try turning on your furnace.

Furnace Not Working? Inspect The Safety Switch

Call The Professionals

When your furnace stops working, it moves to the top of the priority list. You have taken the first steps to revive your furnace by following these five steps. However, if your furnace is still not working, it’s time to call the experts to address more complex issues. 

Give GDI Home Services a call for professional furnace cleaning services in Calgary.

Our furnace and duct cleaning packages are flat rate and include an inspection of your furnace and cleaning of all your vents – even your hot water tank and dryer vent. There is no need to count your vents,  we offer completely transparent pricing with no hidden fees. Build a free quote today.

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