Air Duct Cleaning – What is It and How to Do It?

Clean air duct after being cleaned by residential cleaning services in Calgary

Hidden germs and viruses can last up to seven days on non-porous surfaces and even longer on porous surfaces. A place where many germs hide that do not often get cleaned enough is your air duct. You can attempt to clean it on your own, but you will need professional duct cleaning services for a good deep clean.

What is Air Duct Cleaning?

Indoor air pollution is an increasing concern, and 4.1% of global deaths have also been attributed to it. Air duct cleaning is the process of deep cleaning the ducts to improve indoor air quality. The service offered can depend on:

  • The size of the air ducts that need cleaning
  • How accessible it is
  • What the climatic region is like
  • The level of contamination in the ducts

Duct cleaning is when the heating or cooling components of forced air systems are cleaned. This service can include air ducts, grilles, diffusers, heating and cooling coils, fan motors, etc. Several residential cleaning services in Calgary and other major cities offer air duct cleaning.

air duct in need of duct cleaning services

How Air Duct Cleaning Works

There are standardized NADCA methods for cleaning services, and all legitimate duct and residential cleaners use them. The standard method for duct cleaning is as follows:

  • Inspecting the ducts. A visual inspection tells the level of buildup in the air ducts. You can use this to compare and see if the ducts are clean once the professional cleaning is finished. Another reason for the inspection is to check if there are any leaks. Duct cleaning servicesthrough inspection can also inform you if any duct part needs repairs.
  • Duct cleaners use large truck-mounted vacuums to suck the debris out from the air duct. They hook this portable vacuum to the duct somewhere close to the air handler.
  • The cleaners seal it with an adhesive cover to prevent the vacuum from coming off since it is powerful and will be ineffective otherwise.
  • Trained technicians then spend considerable time on each duct and will agitate the lodged dirt and dust to get it all out.
  • Cleaners should also clean the other components as per NADCA recommendations.

Air ducts in an apartment building

Determining If the Cleaner Did a Thorough Job

Not all cleaners will spend the same amount of time clearing out the ducts. After it is done, the homeowners should ensure that they did a thorough job. Go through the checklist to be sure:

  • Did they access and clean all the parts?
  • Are the surfaces visibly clean?
  • If you point a flashlight at the coils, do they look clean?
  • Are all the parts free of debris, dust, or oils?
  • Is the air duct functioning correctly?

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Residential Cleaning in Calgary

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