How much is house cleaning services?

How much does it cost to get your house cleaned?

Cleaning your house regularly takes time and can become stressful. You could clean your house from top to bottom, and in a day, two days, or even a few hours. It may appear that you never cleaned it at all.

Hiring a professional house cleaner saves you time and assures a high-quality cleaning (professional cleaning businesses guarantee customer satisfaction). Plus it relieves you of the worry and responsibility of cleaning your home and allows you more time to focus on what is important.


Are you wondering how much a deep cleaning of your home would cost, or what the typical cost of having an apartment cleaned is? Perhaps you want an estimate for your house cleaning or are wondering about the price of repeat maid services. 


Our personalized custom quote builder lets you choose what areas of your home you want to be cleaned. Whether it’s your entire home from top to bottom, just your main living areas, a few spaces around your home, or a deep clean that includes the walls, baseboards, frames, and blinds. You get to choose your cleaning priorities and budget.


How much Do regular/recurring house cleaning Services cost?

With weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly home cleaning service options, you get to decide how often, and what areas of your home are professionally cleaned. Every visit, have the same areas of your home cleaned or add rooms and elements to every other service. We provide adjustable solutions to match your needs.

Customized cleaning routines might include having your main living spaces and bathrooms cleaned weekly, your bedrooms cleaned every other week, and your basement or family room cleaned once a month.

Our recurring house cleaning services eliminate the need to think about cleaning and are perfect for customers who like a consistent cleaning schedule; packages begin at $129.87 per service.

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What is the price for a one-time maid service?

Whether you just need a break, have more important tasks to tackle, or are expecting guests and want your home to be cleaned before they arrive. A one-time clean will take cleaning off your to-do list, allowing you to focus on other responsibilities.

Our one-time house cleaning service begins at $149.85 and includes dusting, vacuuming, mopping, and a thorough surface cleaning of your main living areas. Using our custom quote builder, you can then include as many extra rooms, bathrooms, appliances, and cleaning options as you like to ensure your home is cleaned exactly how you want it and decide your price.


How much is a deep clean for my home?

Sometimes life is so busy that cleaning your house takes a back seat. Family, friends, children, pets, jobs, and other obligations take priority. Finding time to clean your house may be difficult, and when it hasn’t been cleaned in a while, it can become overwhelming. You might not even know where to begin.


Our deep house cleaning solutions start at $199.80 and are suited for houses where cleaning responsibilities have been ignored and the household requires a substantial amount of extra care.

A deep cleaning ensures that every nook and cranny in your home is clean and tidy. This package is also ideal for move-in/move-out situations where every aspect must be cleaned. Add extra rooms, bathrooms, the inside of your cupboards or appliances, walls, baseboards, and more in our cleaning package customizer to get a quote personalized to your home.


House cleaning packages for every home. You choose your schedule and your price.

Whether you live in an apartment, mobile home, attached dwelling, single-family home, or RV. Our maid services are completely customizable and tailored to fit any home. Our expert team of cleaning professionals will ensure a high-quality, stress-free experience.  

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Do you have a unique cleaning dilemma? Contact us at 403-520-7777 and we will come up with a solution.

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