How to Maintain Your Carpet after a Professional Carpet Cleaning

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Professional carpet cleaning services from GDI Home Services will definitely leave your carpets and area rugs looking as good as new! However, to keep them stain-free and tidy for a long time, you must implement certain after-care practices.

This blog will guide you about post carpet cleaning maintenance tips that will help you keep them clean for longer.

Do Not Step On Wet Carpets and Area Rugs

After deep cleaning, your carpet will remain damp for several hours. So avoid stepping or walking on it. Keep your kids and pets away from it and try to lay area rugs out in a cool, airy place. Consult with carpet cleaning professionals about whether or not the carpet can be dried out in the open air.

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Do Not Move Furniture

Freshly cleaned area rugs should also be allowed to dry completely before placing a sofa, couch, coffee table, or any other type of furniture on it. Moving and placing furniture on wet carpet can lead to permanent marks and may also lead to color/polish transfer. Professional carpet cleaners will always place protection between the carpet and furniture legs.

Vacuum Regularly

After deep carpet cleaning, you should vacuum regularly. It is important to keep dust mites, allergens, and other contaminants off the product. Vacuuming regularly is an easy and most convenient way to make your carpet more durable and softer.

Invest in Door Mats

According to a study, over 62% of people do not take off their shoes at the entrance or wipe them off properly before stepping inside their homes. It is one of the leading causes of stained and dirty carpets and area rugs.  After a carpet cleaning service, you need to prevent people from stepping onto your carpet with dirty footwear on. A good way to ensure this is to have door mats and shoe cabinets available at entrances for your and your guests’ convenience.

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