Know Your Home – The Hidden Health Hazards

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Homeowners often think that their home is a healthy, safe place. While you make efforts to keep it clean and tidy, there is still room for germs to grow and spread. That is why it’s important for you to understand that different spots can harbour germs inside your home.  To make your home a healthy home you should consider the following hazards.

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In this blog, you will learn about some of the health hazards lurking in your home.

1. Bird Droppings in the Outdoor Area

Bird droppings are quite nasty. In fact, they contain germs that can cause fungal diseases in humans and pets. The solution is to scrape and remove the droppings by pressure washing the area.

2. Unclean Windows

Moisture-retaining, scuffed, and dirty windows not only ruin your home’s curb appeal but also lead to pollution. They allow the growth of bacterial colonies and dust mites and can also lead to mildew. If left untreated, the germs and mildew can seep into your home’s walls and floors, leading to health issues.

3. Dirty Mattresses

Sweat, bugs, dust, allergens, dry skin cells and bacteria are some of the main things that contaminate a mattress. While you cannot keep your mattress 100% germ-free, you can make extra effort to get it deep cleaned to eliminate health risks.

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GDI Home Services—Your One-Stop-Solution for Residential Cleaning Services in Calgary, Alberta

Professional cleaning services for your home are extremely important if you want to take care of your family’s health.

GDI Home Services offers highly efficient home window cleaning, pressure washing, mattress cleaning, and other services across Calgary. With over 55 years of experience and a commitment for customer satisfaction and prioritize premium service to help you obtain a healthy home.

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