Professional Window Washing vs. DIY Window Cleaning

A White-painted Window Featuring Two Potted Plants, One Decorative Teapot, and Rectangular Panes Requiring Professional Window Cleaning

Window cleaning services are usually a once or twice a year affair. Of course, the air quality where you live and the type of service—DIY vs. professional—have a say in how clean your windows remain throughout the year.

Keep reading to know why booking a professional job at GDI Home Services would be better than an amateur effort.

Professionals Make Safety a Sure Thing

Trying to clean a window located aboveground is not just cumbersome but also unsafe in several ways, such as:

  • Fall risk
  • Inadequate personal protective equipment.
  • Windy weather
  • Obstacles overhead and underneath.

Professional cleaning services are well-versed in dealing with such risks. They have been trained to clean windows and take appropriate measures to mitigate the associated risks. All that to say, you are better off paying for a professional job than a potential medical bill.

Two Upper-Storey Freshly Pressure Washed Windows on a Brick and Concrete Façade, Reflecting a Clear Blue Sky

Professionals Guarantee Better Results

You might know your way around a glass table, but that does not translate to glass windows. For one, they are vertical, so you must adjust your cleaning strategy. On the other hand, you may not achieve the same clear and streak-less finish for which a professional is trained.

Let us put it this way: much like Rome, a professional pressure washing expert did not learn efficient and effortless window washing in a day. They are way ahead of an amateur in training and experience and can certainly guarantee better, clearer windows.

Professionals Go Where You Cannot

Your home loses 25% of its heat due to damaged windows and doors. Windows are like windshields. Although they don’t always encounter high-speed winds, they can get chipped or damaged by air pollutants. Keeping them clean down to the narrowest crevasse and highest point is the key to keeping them spotless and functionally perfect.

Professional washing services have the equipment and know-how to reach the hard-to-access areas on your windows. No height is too high or corners too narrow for them, meaning your windows are perfect by the time they go through them.

Book Your Professional Window Cleaning in Calgary

Make the most of our 55-year-strong experience in exterior window cleaning Calgary to remove the perma-grime off your windows—book residential pressure washing with our professionals to give your Calgary home exterior or interior a long-overdue makeover.

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