Why Vacuuming is Not a Replacement for Carpet Cleaning

carpet cleaning

Vacuuming is necessary to maintain a nice-looking carpet. It is recommended by carpet and flooring professionals that high-traffic areas be vacuumed once a day and medium-traffic areas every two days. However, despite vacuuming frequently, a carpet still needs deep cleaning to get into it and remove any dust and debris that might have accumulated over time. You will need a professional carpet cleaning service for that.

Vacuuming cannot replace professional carpet cleaning, and here’s why:

1. It Only Removes Surface Dirt

One square foot of a carpet can hold up to a pound of dirt, and that’s before the dirt becomes visible. Are you vacuuming regularly? It is extremely important to do, but it is also only getting rid of the dirt that is on the surface. Skin cells, pollen, food particles, and other debris are left behind despite regular vacuuming. Professional carpet cleaners have the equipment needed to remove all the dirt and debris from deep within the carpet fibres. It injects hot water and detergent or carpet cleaners deep into the fibres and sucks up any residue you could not get with a vacuum.

2. It Does Not Remove Odours

Dirt and debris go hand-in-hand with awful odours. The unpleasant odours are hard to get rid of, and how much air freshener will you go through to get rid of the unpleasant scents. Vacuuming will not remove the odour no matter how many times you go over the carpet with it. If the carpet has an odour that is not going away, call residential cleaning services that specialize in carpet cleaning.

deep cleaning carpet done by residential cleaning services to get rid of odours

3. It Cannot Get Rid of Stains

Spills happen all the time, and if you have children or pets, you are more likely to experience them. Vacuuming cannot get rid of the stains left behind. Instead, it can leave discoloration and stains. To get rid of the stains without damaging the carpet, you will need professional cleaning.

4. It Will Not Renew the Carpet’s Look

Professional carpet cleaning services can give a carpet a “like new” look that is not possible with a vacuum. Sure, vacuuming regularly prolongs the carpet’s life, but if your carpet has lost its lustre, it can only be renewed through a professional’s touch. The vacuum will remove the dirt on the surface but is unable to get the hidden dirt in the carpet. This hidden dirt and debris are what makes the carpet look old because it can sink deep into the fibres of the carpet. Once they clump and harden, only a professional deep cleaning will be able to take it out.

Carpet looking old because of no professional carpet cleaning service and just vacuuming

Residential Carpet Cleaning in Calgary

Carpet cleaning should be done professionally and not just vacuumed for a thorough cleaning. If you are looking for a professional and trustable carpet cleaning service in Calgary, look no further! GDI Home Services offers residential pressure washing, professional air duct cleaning, carpet cleaning, and rug cleaning services.

GDI Home Services has been trusted home cleaning company in Calgary for decades. Contact us today if you are looking to get your carpet cleaned.

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